Arranging routine Podiatry or Chiropody can ensure that your feet are well looked after - callus (hard skin) removal, corn removal and nail care all professionally treated. Hutcheson Podiatry will discuss your individual needs, and make an agreed care plan with you, to maintain your foot health.

Routine Nail Care

Some people have difficultly with managing to cut their own toenails due to thick and hard nails or an inability to bend down to their feet or see them properly.

Long nails can become painful and can easily cause damage to your toes.

Hutcheson Podiatry can provide a professional service and help you to look after your nails properly, ensuring your feet feel much more comfortable.

Callus (hard skin) Removal

Callus (hard skin) is a thickening of your skin on parts of your feet which can become painful and unsightly.

Hardening of the skin is caused by increased pressure, usually from:

  • Shoes, particularly on the toes

  • The way you walk causing excessive pronation (rolling-in) and excessive supination (rolling-out) of the foot while standing, walking and running

Hutcheson Podiatry can remove your Callus effectively and painlessly with a sharp blade.


Corns are caused by pressure or friction over bony areas, such as a joint, and they have a central core which may cause pain if it presses on a nerve.

There are 5 different types of corns:

  • Hard corns - These are small areas of hard skin over a point where the pressure is focused which are often caused by the way we walk or shoes that don't fit well.

  • Soft corns - these corns develop between the toes caused by pressure from one toe on another. They are often white and rubbery in appearance.

  • Seed corns - these types of corns are caused by very dry ( anhidrotic ) skin.

  • Vascular corns - these types of corns are often painful and can bleed easily. They tend to develop when a corn has been in the area for a long time.

  • Fibrous corns - These corns are usually painful and can extend deep into the skin. They develop after long periods of time.

Corns can be effectively removed (enucleated) by Hutcheson Podiatry with a scalpel.

Since Corns develop as a result of excessive pressure, your Podiatrist will discuss how the pressure can be reduced which may include:

  • assessing your footwear

  • daily use of moisturiser on feet to improve skin texture

  • use of insoles and orthotics to spread pressure more evenly across your feet

Hutcheson Podiatry are happy to assess and discuss your routine footcare needs, and you can contact us during Opening Hours to arrange your appointment, or Book Now via the link below to access David’s diary online at your convenience.

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