Orthotics are highly effective devices which are worn in shoes to limit movement such as excessive pronation (rolling-in) and excessive supination (rolling-out) of the foot while standing, walking and running. 

Why are Orthotics & Insoles important?

This excessive movement can cause injury to bones, joints, tendons and ligaments of the foot, ankles, legs, knees, back and spine.

Orthotics also help to spread and reduce the pressure across your feet which causes pain as well as the development of corns and callus.

What Orthotics & Insoles are available?

After a consultation looking at your feet, the way you stand and walk ( Biomechanical assessment) the Podiatrist may decide you require orthotics to control the movement in your feet. The Biomechanical assessment requires an hour appointment (£45)

Orthotics can be custom made for your feet or have been pre made (off the shelf). Depending on which type of off the shelf orthotic you require they can cost between £30 and £75. An “off the shelf“ orthotic helps to support the foot, limiting some of the damaging excessive movement, and spreading the pressure throughout the foot. If this option is chosen, your podiatrist will do a detailed examination and fit the off the shelf devices to your shoes. Appropriate orthotics will be ordered at the first appointment and are usually available for fitting in approximately 1 to 2 weeks. A fitting appointment is required to check the size is correct for your feet and they fit into your shoes and trainers.

Custom made orthotics involves the podiatrist doing a detailed examination before taking casts of your feet. These impressions are used along with a prescription from your podiatrist to manufacture your bespoke orthotics. The prescription and casts are sent to a factory to be made. This process normally take up to 3 weeks and the cost for these to be made and fitted is £175


Hutcheson Podiatry can advise and fit you with bespoke or off the shelf orthotics and insoles by simply making an appointment.

Contact us during Opening Hours to arrange your appointment, or Book Now via the link below to access David’s diary online at your convenience, and please select the Biomechanical Assessment option.