Ingrowing toenails are where the nail digs into the skin, causing pain, inflammation and sometimes infections. These can be very painful, and if not treated get progressively worse.

What causes ingrowing toenails?

Ingrowing toenails can be caused by: 

  • not cutting the nail straight across - often leaving a sharp edge or spike of nail which digs into the flesh

  • injury to the nail causing it to split or break

  • tight fitting footwear and hosiery

  • sports - some are more likely to cause ingrowing toenails, such as football or ballet dancing

  • genetic factors - including the way you walk putting more pressure on the sides of the toes, as well as foot deformities such as bunions or clawing of the toes

How we help

Hutcheson Podiatry can provide treatment to remove the offending piece of nail - under local anaesthetic if needed. This is often sufficient to allow the area to heal.

Occasionally, If the nail shape is deformed it may require future treatment. 

The ingrowing toenail surgery procedure

Nail Surgery is recommended where the ingrowing toenail persists or returns.

Removal of an ingrowing toenail involves giving a local anaesthetic injection to the toe before a tourniquet (rubber band) is put around the toe while the podiatrist is working on the area.

The procedure removes part of the nail, or the whole nail, and a chemical (phenol) is applied to the area to ensure that the offending part of the nail does not grow back again.

The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and then 6 - 8 weeks to heal completely. You are required to keep a dressing on the wound until it heals but can return to normal activities the day after the procedure has been completed.

The cost of this treatment is £250 which includes follow up dressing appointments.

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