Fungal nail infections are quite common and present as a thickening and yellow discolouration of the nail.

There are different types of treatment available including nail lacquers, topical ointments and prescribed medication to treat the fungal infected nails.

Treatment via Hutcheson Podiatry

Your Podiatrist can help manage the fungal nails by reducing the thickness and the length of the nails keeping the appearance of them more acceptable and comfortable.

Fungal nail paints can be used without the need to see the GP, and the Podiatrist can help to facilitate this treatment by reducing the nails before you start applying the fungal nail paint. Regular thinning of the nail will help the paint to spread deeper into the nail allowing it to be as effective as possible.

Treatment from your GP

Oral tablets prescribed from your Doctor are the most effective method of irradicating the infection, however most of them have to be taken for at least 3 to 6 months. The podiatrist can get involved at the same time as starting treatment from the GP.

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