People with diabetes are at much greater risk of developing problems with their feet, due to the damage raised blood sugars can cause to sensation and circulation.

It is important that you look after your feet when you are diabetic to reduce the risk of you having problems. 

Hutcheson Podiatry are experts at conducting a full assessment and treatment plan for your feet including:

  • assessing your circulation (checking your pulses)

  • neurological testing using a monofilament (numbness in your feet)

  • discussing diabetic foot care

  • giving you relevant warning signs to look for

  • providing a tailored care plan to help you look after your feet

  • Annual diabetes foot assessment and risk category recorded and results sent to GP. (£15) if no treatment required.

If you're suffering from diabetes, callus and corns that develop can cause increased pressure on the softer skin beneath resulting in a wound (ulcer) forming. Your podiatrist can assist in preventing this and ensure your feet are safe and healthy.

If you have any queries on taking care of your feet, Hutcheson Podiatry have over 20 years of experience and are happy to help. You can Book Now to secure an appointment via David’s diary online for your convenience, or contact us during Opening Hours.