A bunion (Hallux - Abducto - Valgus - HAV) is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. It often develops over a period of time and gradually becomes worse and more painful.

The deformity of the joint is thought to develop due to excess rolling in of the feet (over pronation) while walking. Poor fitting footwear are not the cause of bunions, but can make the condition painful. 

In the early stages of the development of bunions, orthotics can help to reduce/ slow down the development of the deformity but it won't correct it. 

At Hutcheson Podiatry we can offer advice on footwear, footcare and provide treatment of any hard skin and corns which may develop as a result of the foot deformity. Orthotics can also help to support the foot and may be a factor in slowing the deformity.

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When bunions become quite severe and painful, orthopaedic surgery may be the only solution available and for this you should speak to your GP.